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One day in November,2000 i was studiyng at home,story of Julius Caesar was a part of my studying.(It was a "short version" of "Julius Caesar"--Shakespeare's work retold by E.F. Dodd).His story made me think about kinda powerful+young guy.i dont know why i sketch this pic' up,may be i didnt draw much lately(at that time) and i just wanna draw somethin' -_-">>At that time,i really had no idea it could become the begining of "Call Me Julius Caesar",as ya can see here,Brutus in CMC is completely diffrent from this sketch.


After i have heard about "online comic" from my friend and try readin' them for about 2 months,i think it's cool! everybody have a chance to share their own comics here.i love drawin' comic and always thought about try making my own website.but i wanna draw somethin' new,not a love story as usual,while i was thinking and lookin' at my sketch book,i found the sketch of Caesar...may be these boyz could be my character..,i thought...So this page was created^_^.This guy is Brutus.


This girl is one of  the important character in this story that i've put in.Who is she?,ya will know soon.Da next scene,i move back one year before Brutus thinking about killing....somebody ~_^.This place is "Egypt" after it was attacked by Roman armies(which was Caesar's command). i never design kinda machine like this before,my friend asked me "this is...UFO?"...-_-" it's a plane,ya idiot.


Here come "Brutus".i relly hate drawin' his coat....(add more soon)


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