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Yay! finally,i got some girl here in CMC.i spent loads of time to sketch this cute Portia coz i havent draw girl for a long time-_-"(she should be prettier than this but...sorry Portia^^;;).Actually she's Brutus's wife but i change her part a bit.and her character is completely different from the original one,you'll see.  


 i just get bored with the old layout,so hehheh..,blue&simple version of Call Me Julius Caesar.i stole this tone from my favorite artist's site survivebadblood...sorry^^;; Shari-san.i think most of you already know her, her arts&web design are so cool! i really have to worship her^^

Terribly sorry for my 2 weeks disappearance without telling you readers first.i got some assignments to finish and have to go out almost everyday.and when i came back,i was too lazy to do things.(did i mention that i have to sleep at lest 9hours/day-_-") yeah...cant blame no one...sorry guyz Y_Y


 Hey!ma forum got only 16 posts now,kinda quiet?-_-" anythin' to ask or just wanna grumble,post it there!^_^

no time to write more,gotta go.^^;;Yo!

p/s still love all reader!!!and if you didnt sign ma guest book please go there and left some comment.


sorry...late...delay...again...hehheh,thats me^_^;;

actually,this is not because of my laziness as usual. my mom just gave me some job which is listing her customers' information (name surname address and tel no.)into computer,da deadline is 2 weeks later.for sure..i would love to do it,...really....okay okay i earn loads of money from dat as well-_-''.at da first time,i really had no idea how much her customer was, i still stuck here in front of computer and about 4,000 information!!!@_@,how lucky im Y_Y.but i have to do it anyway,she is my mom^_^.

love always,,if ya read my comic(especially the one who sign my guest book;D )


 2 days sorry Y_Y and hope ya get use to my laziness soon-_-",,just kidding.okay okay...i will try not to upload late again^_^.

i like da way Painter works,it makes pic' look more natural than Photoshop,i think.But i still dont have one,i wish i could have a chance to buy it soon.


Have you guyz ever been in this situlation? 

Yesterday i just got a call from da head of my newspaper club.She wanted me to make a cover for the 3ed issue,and she needed to send it to da publisher>>9.30 am. next day. Actually i've got a whole day to create it,but as you can see here,i'm sooo lazy,always late.So i was doing nothin' ''till 3 am next day,got only  hours for work and 3 hours for gettin' some sleep -_-".But everythin' was going okay,using photoshop made my work looks great.

7.30 am,spending more time than i though,,it almost finish but i was so tired and dizzy.Suddenly! da mouse couldn't move,everythin' was stop working....da computer was hang!!GEEZ!!! i...really...wanna...die,i was an idiot,i didn't save it before and...i .have lost all my that time i  wanna cry,i mean it.But there was no time to cry(or die-_-" )only 2 hours before deadline and i was veryyyyyyy tired really wanna get a little sleep but i couldn't ...7.45 am. after i've checked da com' all over again and realize that there was no way i can get my work back.I decided to make a new one,this time i draw pic' and edited with photoshop,doing all this with +blur+rush+ made the cover became very messy.It finished at 8.45 am.,then i ran like im crazy to da sky train and reached her at 9.40 am....didn't sleep at all,what a terrible day,

   I will never ever forget to save my work again ^_^;;


just finish updating stuffz page,check it out^_^.actually i like the original sketch of my comic more than the finished page(using photo shop to make light & shadow)so i decide to put the sketch page in this site as well in >>stuffz>>original section.


 have just finished my final exam,im free now,yay!! there're new page and new layout at once.the new layout take more time for loading but hopes you guys like it.i spent a hole day with this layout,taking such a long time coz i changed my design about 20 times,first i want it to be black&green then black&blue then gray&blue and then so on...^_^;;finally it becomes like this,still using my favorite colours like the last one,i really like it but i still think that this layout is too cute for my comic which seems to be a serious one,may be i'll turn it to be darker when i have time.i also change the font in my comic to "Kathleenie Font" i like its style but if you think this font is too hard to read,just tell me,i'll fix it. anyway,thax for reading my comic and every vote that was given,and please vote again,pleasee^_^.


SoRRyyyy 4 being  late again!!---and another thing,i really surprised that there are lots and lots of people came here to read my comix after i put my link into top69contest yesterday.Gosh!! im so happy:-D,at first,there were only about 8or9 readers(i guess,from  my counter )and some said,it so confusing...that made me think my Caesar is too weird or something,but now there are some people said that they like it,hehe^_^.i will try not 2be lazy and make it less confusing.THANKS 4 every vote and don't 4get 2come back here. 


Just abit update on this page,the hyperlink gonna work soon^_^


I'm BACK!!! Is there somebody still reading my comic?,Nope?,Okay i understand u^_^;.However,this is the second page---have to tell u dat i don't like designing this kind of thing much,it takes loads of time and still looks weird anyway.


This is the first page.Who a hell is this guy?,find out by yourself.Come here again 4 the next page^_^


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