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::Warning: most of them are very old stuffz:: .

  GIFT ::. 

  03/09/01 Emiko

  If you like my comic,send me some,Please...still waiting for more&moreee.^_^

   Heheheeeeeeeh!^_^...^_^...;D...;)...;D i cant stop smiling,im sooo happy!!!guess what,...the author of "there be elves",Emiko,drew this for me!!!..ah..da cutest antony>_<.She post it on my forum 2 days ago but i just found it, i have no time for online until today.Although she told me "it was a small gift" but i dont think so^_^It was such a wonderful gift for me. , i love her works,there be elves is my fevorite, soo amazing.


04/11/2001 Eunice P.

....OH...MY...GOSH!! draw this for me,thanks sooo much Eunice ^^ this is such a wonderful surprise...yeah,wonderful~Brutus looks a bit different but more handsome!,no need to color it, this pic is cool anyway  you said," feel too disappointed" ?! Hey!,nope,never,no way,not at all~ i love it! thank you 

i know it hard to follow the style you not used to,it also happended to me when i draw Teen Angel(that's why Don came out like that heheh.^^)

you guyz should visit her AMAZING webcomic here>>Ghosts Hunters