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FAQ(under construction its take loads of time writting in Eng^^;;)

WARNING::my english is so poor,i mean,real bad-_-"dont forget to ignore my gramma as well & Nothing here is really about Roman history,most are from my own if u saw sth weird in my comix,just ignore it,okay?


 Q: Why exactly my english is so bad? ^^;; very important question here
 A: Well,there're many reasons about this.Firstly, my country doesnt use english as a main language(thats sure, coz im asian^^;;) second,i hate studying english, i dont hate english just hate to study it, i mean...Tenses, Gerund&Participle, Direct&indirect speech, How to use Preposition and so on...GAHH!!i got A in english subject only once in my life, also the last time, i guess. and the last reason may be...nobody really helps me with  the spelling, gramma of my comic& my site.okay, i've got one elder sis' but her english is just as great as mine. -_-" 


 Q: About myself ?
 A: +Online Name: Erah J.

      +Birthday: 10 October,1984

      +Location: Bangkok,Thailand



   +Occupation: High school student

   +Pet: Rabbit(Chackko)


        The Shawshank Redemption        Monster 
       (Tim Robbins, I love him!!)      Akachan To Boku (Marimo Ragawa)
        Nothing Hill     Shanimu Ni Go (Marimo Ragawa)
        King Of The Hill     
        The Lion King 
        The Six Sense 
        The Silence Of The Lambs
 Q: How


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