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WARNING::my english is so poor,i mean,real bad-_-"dont forget to ignore my gramma as well & Nothing here is really about Roman history,most are from my own if u saw sth weird in my comix,just ignore it,okay?


    Comic for :: Friday , April 20 , 2001 ::   


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Im thinking about the FAQ page,but i cant figure out what Q to put there-_-"
Okay,let me hear from you...any question to ask? about me, Caesar, Brutus, Antony, story, the way i draw, ...anything at all, if you wanna know please tell me tell me~ ^_^

click the FAQ pic to post your Q THANKS  so much   

  STUFF of the day:

  Guess who gave me this cute Brutus,yeah! its you Eunice! thank you sooo much, totally LOVE it!!(check out more of her excellent works here>> Ghosts Hunters ) i already got 2 giftarts now,yay! im so happy...HAPPY! :D every giftart means alot to me,they're like wonderful presents from wonderful readers! if you like my comic,please send me some ,may be just a little sketch. those gifts always make me feel HAPPY!

  NOTES of the day:

Ramdomly? Why?....i guess you guys already know the reason....^^;;

by the way,about this page...remember the suffering moment when i made the cover of my school newspaper?(if not, read this ^^)...yeah,,IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! i spent 3and a half hours painting this page in almost finish when the damn computer started to STOP WORKING!...this made me cried this time, really-_-" i kept thinking that why didnt i save it first...why didnt i save it first....why... ;_; *sniff* have to do it all over again.actually this page should look better than this,but i didnt feel happy to do it anymore *sign* explaining in english is kinda hard (for me-_-") but hope you understand what i'm trying to say.

conversation between me&my mom

Mom: Erah! you're crying!? what happening!

Me: comp..*sniff*...hang again...T_T

Mom:...and that's the reason? -_-"

Me:(sorry,thai only ^_<*) แม่ไม่เข้าใจตุ้ม ฮึกๆ

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